Me, a blogger?

So I started this account because I needed it to access a friend's blog post.  Turns out I was wrong (I hate that!) but I thought "What the heck!  I may as well share some random thoughts with the rest of the world!"

Welcome to my blog.

I cannot tell you what will be contained.  I cannot guarantee that you will enjoy reading or agree with anything I write.  I cannot assure you that I will be dilligent about getting here regularly (although I truly admire those bloggers who are dedicated to daily/weekly/monthly posts!). 

I came up with the title of this blog thinking that Type 1 Diabetes (who has decided to be a very close friend of mine for many years) would be the central topic of blogging.  But then I realized that I am so much more than a "chronic disease"!  So I don't know what topics I'll address; I suppose it will depend on my mood and my life happenings at the moment of writing!

I just know that I never ever thought that I would be a blogger!

So to all of you who already blog:  hands down to you!  To expose one's thoughts and feelings on the public square is not always easy.

For anyone who happens onto this page by accident:  I'm NOT sorry if I don't measure up to your expectations; it's just me saying what I feel like saying! 

To all:  Safe travels on whatever your life journey entails!

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