Who's that girl???

Sorry, but I had the song from the Eurythmics, "Who's that Girl?", running through my mind as I was thinking of a title for this blog post.  If you know the song, we may be of the same approximate age and from a similar musical background.  If you don't know the song, Youtube it!  I loved it!

Anytime I read a blog, I am curious about who the author actually is in real life.  I mean, all blogs do have a human behind them, right?  There are no computer-generated blogs, are there?  (If you like me, please don't break my bubble at this point).

Oh yeah...  who's that girl?

That's my way of saying I will tell you a bit about myself!

I am a...  not young, not old, somewhere in-between woman.  I work full-time at a career that I sometimes love, sometimes despise, but figure everyone is in the same boat!  I am married to a wonderful man who has no clue at this point that I have even started this blog, but I think he will be fully supportive of me!  We have no children, but we have two wonderful dogs...  I take that back...  we have one wonderful dog and a puppy.  'Nuff said!

Oh, and as a side note, I have also had Type 1 Diabetes...  um, Juvenile Diabetes...  um, let's try Diabetes Mellitus?...  for just over 38 years.  As much as I try not to let the "Big D" take over my life, you'll probably find that many of my blog posts will revolve around my life with diabetes.  If you don't like that fact, then just remember that Hey!  I didn't come to YOUR door asking to be let in!  You're free to leave anytime!

Hobbies and interests include.....

What???  I have to keep a few secrets, after all!

To all:  Safe travels on your life journeys!

Me, a blogger?

So I started this account because I needed it to access a friend's blog post.  Turns out I was wrong (I hate that!) but I thought "What the heck!  I may as well share some random thoughts with the rest of the world!"

Welcome to my blog.

I cannot tell you what will be contained.  I cannot guarantee that you will enjoy reading or agree with anything I write.  I cannot assure you that I will be dilligent about getting here regularly (although I truly admire those bloggers who are dedicated to daily/weekly/monthly posts!). 

I came up with the title of this blog thinking that Type 1 Diabetes (who has decided to be a very close friend of mine for many years) would be the central topic of blogging.  But then I realized that I am so much more than a "chronic disease"!  So I don't know what topics I'll address; I suppose it will depend on my mood and my life happenings at the moment of writing!

I just know that I never ever thought that I would be a blogger!

So to all of you who already blog:  hands down to you!  To expose one's thoughts and feelings on the public square is not always easy.

For anyone who happens onto this page by accident:  I'm NOT sorry if I don't measure up to your expectations; it's just me saying what I feel like saying! 

To all:  Safe travels on whatever your life journey entails!